In Good Company: Erably Editions President George Lucki, Rideau Herald Emeritus (former Chief Herald of Canada) Robert Watt, York Herald (College of Arms, London) Henry Paston-Beningfeld, and Erably Editions Vice-President Darren George (Edmonton, 2005 - Annual Meeting of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada)

About Erably Editions

We are a new Canadian publisher setting out to make high quality books and resources on Canadian and international heraldry - the symbols of our family and community heritage - available to both the general public and to heraldic enthusiasts.

Specialty publishing is challenging - both from an editorial and a business perspective. In our view it is a challenge worth undertaking. The personal symbols of our families and shared symbols of our family, community, and nation are a precious heritage - a repository of meaning, values, history and hope. It helps us express who we are, what connects us in our community life and what matters to us. It is no exaggeration to say that people have lived and died for the lofty values and great meaning national, community and religious symbols carry. With something as simple as a lapel pin or a patch sewn to a jacket we convey something about ourselves and about our affiliations. To understand ourselves and our history and to understand one another we need to know and understand and communicate effectively in the language of the symbols we use. Erably Editions strives to make the history of our various symbols and in particular our personal, civic, corporate and national heraldry more accessible to our readers and encourage further study in heraldry and related fields.

Our Team of Heraldic Enthusiasts

George Lucki, President

George Lucki is, among others, a founding member and a Past-President of the Prairie Heraldry Society (Prairies Branch, Royal Heraldry Society of Canada), and a Past-President of the International Association of Amateur Heralds. He serves as a genealogical consultant and regional representative for Confederation of Polish Nobility and is a member of local, national and foreign heraldic societies. His areas of heraldic research include Polish-Lithuanian heraldic traditions, phaleristics and the Law of Arms. George Lucki is also a consulting psychologist and is a partner with ARCH Psychological Services in Edmonton.

Darren S. A. George, Vice-President

Darren George was also a founding member and the first President of the Prairie Heraldry Society (Prairies Branch, Royal Heraldry Society of Canada), and serves as Editor of "The Prairie Tressure" and Associate-Editor of "Heraldry in Canada". He holds a licentiate qualification in heraldry (LRHSC) for his work in heraldic design. His areas of heraldic research include civic and academic heraldry, heraldic monsters (dragons in particular) and beasts and pseudo-heraldry. Darren George holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and is an Instructor with North Island College on Vancouver Island.